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We Provide Peace Of Mind and Convenience

We make sure that you have what you need for, continual, clean water in your home or business.

We created our convenience options to give you peace of mind while owning an Aqua Systems Water Softener or Reverse Osmosis System.  We understand that schedules get busy and tasks can fall through the cracks, so let CBS Systems, Inc. take care of remembering to refill your system with salt or replace the filters in your Aqua Systems reverse osmosis system.

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Salt or Potassium Delivery

  • Choose 3 month & 6 month Visits
  • Salt or Potassium 
  • Bags needed will vary per customer
  • Step System Through All Cycles to Ensure Proper Operation
  • Test Water For Hardness

WiFi Upgrade Package

$300 +Tax

  • Upgrade to WiFi Capabilities
  • Salt Level Monitoring
  • Currently Only Available for Genll Model Water Softeners

Don't Have An Aqua Systems Water Softener?

No worries, we can still help!

Salt or Potassium Delivery

(paid per visit)

  • Choose 3 month & 6 month Visits
  • We Fill Your System With Salt or Potassium (cost is above)
    *Amount needed will vary per customer
  • Test Water For Hardness
  • Alert you to any concerns so that you can contact the Installer