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Water Softeners

We offer three different water softeners:

  • Series 3000 Water Softener
  • Smart Choice Water Softener
  • Series 9100 Twin Water Softener

For more information on the specifics and different qualities of each water softener please call our offices so that we may give you a thorough understanding of each.

Drinking Water Systems

Standard Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

Standard reverse osmosis drinking system

Our Standard reverse osmosis unit is a reliable and affordable system for good clean drinking water.
With a 2 gallon storage tank, it is a perfect fit for smaller households.

Pure Choice Premium Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

Pure Choice premium reverse osmosis drinking system

The Pure Choice, with easy and affordable maintenance solutions, was designed to give you and your family good clean drinking water for a lifetime. Its high output membrane allows this system to meet the average households drinking, cooking and ice making needs. Not all drinking water systems were created equal.

Pure Choice Central Reverse Osmosis System

Pure Choice Central reverse osmosis system

The Pure Choice Central was designed to feed multiple locations in your home with good clean drinking water. Feed multiple sinks, wet bars, humidifiers, and even the garage to provide a spot free rinse for your cars. With the Pure Choice Central the possibilities truly are limitless.


We also sell softener salt that is recommended for peak performance of your water softener and is available in 40lb bags.

For more information and prices of the products and services mentioned, please contact our office and we would be glad to answer any of your questions and set up a sales call.